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Little bit about me.

Photography has been a part of my life since I can remember. My dad was a photographer so I grew up around film and dark rooms. It was natural that I picked up the camera from a early age. I started shooting as a way to document mountaineering and diving trips. Then slowly transitioning to commercial work after being published in a couple of magazines.

I've shot everything from climbing expeditions, Onlyfans, yoga retreats, and full on commercial jobs for companies like Citi Bank and Lily pharmaceuticals.

I'm now focusing on creating fashion inspired boudoir portraits that capture the beauty of the person in front of my camera.

I love seeing the amazing energy that shines from the self empowerment that comes from self acceptance. Its simply amazing.

I still do commercial photography jobs when my agent calls, but for the most part this is it.

I'm continually learning from experiences both in shots and in life and try to bring this evolving perspective to my images.

I split my time between photography, family and firefighting.

You can listen to this podcast and get a sense of my process and what I am about.

Some brands and people that have trusted me:


McKinsey & Company

Lily Pharmaceutical




AcroYoga International

Painted Cave Fire Department

Rebel Soul Collective


Wholeheart Equine


Paraglide magazine

Eagle Paragliding

USHPA magazine

Sarasota Orchestra

Devil Dog Consulting

Divine Play Festival

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